Welcome to the

Klinker Closet
A Place of Hidden Treasures
where YOU will find,......


Pendants  Bracelets  Necklaces  Rings  Earrings  Door Handles  Locks


Prayer Beads  Thangka Paintings  Prayer Wheels  Felted Bags  Belt Buckles


Incense Burner  Singing Bowls  Salt Lamps Accupressure Mats Yoga Mats Zafu  Zabuton   

you will also find hand selected Stones
Moqui Marbles or Shaman Stones, Black Shiva Linghams, Moldavites, Tektites, Shungite and many more.....


we like to thank all our customers for a great year!!

Find us this year at

Chomp & Stomp
in Cabbage Town Atlanta, GA
November 7 2015

Christmas in Lithia
in Lithia Springs, GA
November 8 2015

Scotts Antique Market
in Atlanta, GA
November 12-15 2015

Interglactic Bead Show
in Charlotte, NC
November 21-22 2015

Jewelry Gem & Bead Show
in St. Petersburg, FL
November 27-29 2015

German Christmas Market
in Atlanta, GA
December 5 2015

Scotts Antique Market
in Atlanta, GA
December 10-13 2015

Ujamaa Festival
in Decatur, GA
December 26 2015

ATS Homecoming & Bead Show
San Francisco, CA
January 15-17 2016

Scotts Antique Market
in Atlanta, GA
Febuary 11 - 14 2016

Tribal Con
in Dunwoody, GA
Febuary 19 - 21 2016


Hope to see everyone there!!!